Three Hip Hop artists added to the Øyafestivalen 2022 line up

Today Øyafestivalen organisers can present a pre-Christmas package consisting of three fantastic guys, each with their own approach to hip hop!

ARIF is finally back with his first announced concert in Oslo since he did three sold-out nights at Rockefeller in the autumn of 2019. ISAH has taken great career steps after he participated in Karpe’s masterpiece SAS Pluss / SAS Pussy in 2019. A lot of new music has been announced in the new year. from ISAH, and organisers predict that he will show the audience at next years festival that he is their next superstar. In addition, AJ TRACEY, who is one of the hottest names in England at the moment will arrive in Tøyenparken and show Norway why!

ARIF is one of the great successes in Norwegian music over the last decade. First under the name Phil T. Rich, then as ARIF, he has posted hits and live favorites. He was also part of the successful collaboration MARCH in 2017 and 2018, with Karpe and Unge Ferrari / Stig Brenner. Alone or in collaboration with others, he is known for his playful songs and great energy.

He made his debut with the EP Kom Så Tok Færdiih in 2012, and won NRK’s Untouched competition the following year. The album Arif in Waanderland from 2019 reached second place on the Norwegian album list, and contains the hit Who Is She. Aftenposten stated in the publication that “Arif’s pen has improved, and he depicts painful topics with agility and a twinkle in the eye”. In the autumn of 2021 came the song Kattepus, a new collaboration with Brenner.

ARIF has shown that he can fill the really big stages. The successful tour in 2019 confirmed his position as a concert attraction out of the ordinary and organisers look forward to seeing him back in Tøyenparken in 2022.

Many first became acquainted with ISAH in 2019, when he participated in Karpe’s masterpiece SAS Pluss / SAS Pussy. After this, he participated in the duo’s fierce headliner show under Øya. As if that was not enough, he got a big hit with Hello, in collaboration with Dutty Dior. It was named song of the year under P3 GOLD. In other words, 2019 was a head start on his career, and since then there have been several highlights, such as when he won the award for this year’s star shot during by: Larm or played during the concert series ØYA PRESENTS in 2021. The EP Both, with the aforementioned Dutty Dior, came out this summer.

AJ TRACEY started gaining attention at home about five years ago, as a very promising live artist. He responded to the high expectations with the EP Secure the Bag! from 2017. The following year he got his first big hit with the song Butterflies. Since then, he has had great success with his self-titled debut album (2019) and Flu Game (2021). About the latter, NME claimed that “AJ has here crafted another successful project whose streaming numbers, singles and infectious melodies will live on in memory”. The album contains hits such as Bringing it Back, West Ten and Dinner Guest.

It was clear that the West London lyricist possessed the skills to be distinct and uncompromising. With versatility at the core, Tracey has shown that his vocals can work in any genre and style, and his second album is full of hits, big hooks and well-defined.

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