The Strokes will headline Open’er Festival 2019!

This will be a great feast for fans of the famous New York rock icons – THE STROKES. The line-up is also joined by LP and MARINA (Marina And The Diamonds) and THE VOIDZ, another project by Julian Casablancas, the leader of The Strokes. However, the icing on today’s cake is the legend of Polish hip-hop – Sokół.

When in 2001 THE STROKES released their debut album “Is This It?”, they were immediately hailed as revolutionaries of the new wave of rock, and the tracks “Last Nite” and “Someday” quickly became something more than popular songs, gaining the status of rock hymns. However, Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond Jr., Nick Valensi, Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti for many representatives of their generation, have become musical gods. The next two albums “Room on Fire” and “First Impressions of Earth” brought hits “12:51”, “Reptilia”, “Juicebox”, “Heart in a Cage”, “You Only Live Once”. Another five fans were waiting for the next album of the band’s fans. Promoting Angles, THE STROKES came to Poland for the first time, giving a thrilling concert at the Open’er Festival 2011.

The next artist is LAURA PERGOLIZZI, known more widely under the pseudonym LP, has been present in the music industry for over a dozen years, both as a singer and the author of hits for the biggest names of world pop – including Cher, Rihanny or Christina Aguilera. Her career gained momentum in 2016 thanks to the album “Lost On You” and the title single, which to date has recorded over half a billion streams in the world. Expressive personality and extremely strong voice of Laura, combined with the talent for creating beautiful melodies, gave her international fame. As she admits, her last year’s album “Heart To Mouth”, with the hit “Girls Go Wild”, carries the most direct message in her hitherto work.

When I stand in front of the microphone and start to create melodies, I feel this direct connection between my heart and my mouth.” In the past, I needed a whole city filled with streets to communicate my emotions, now I feel that I have a straight, wide highway that I can express what I feel.

Laura Pergolizzi (LP)

Another artist is MARINA (Marina And The Diamonds). Since her debut, “The Family Jeweles” from 2009 has been following her own independent path. Although she does not seek for place on the charts, all of her previous albums have landed in the top ten best-selling albums in the UK (the second album “Electra Heart” debuted in first place), and her tracks and clips have survived to over one billion streams today. In addition to such names as Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey and Lorde, she is one of the world’s most important alt-pop women of the last decade. This month appears the fourth album of Marina “Love + Fear”, promoted among other things, the great single “Handmade Heaven”.

For all fans of Julian Casablanca, today’s announcement is twice as good news. Founded by frontman The Strokes, the experimental band THE VOIDZ was created in 2013, and a year later their debut album “Tyranny” was released and quickly attracted the attention of fans of the musical alternative. The next edition of “Virtue” caused even more confusion. “It’s an extremely noisy, uncompromising album,” wrote Stereogum about the album that The Rolling Stone magazine called simply “contagious”. In the work of THE VOIDZ, influences of various musical genres – from rock, new wave, electro, to metal – were met, and the whole project was accompanied by an exceptionally punk aura.

Time for hip-hop! WOJTEK SOKOL has been active on the Polish rap scene for 20 years and is undoubtedly one of its most important artists. The first formations, which he co-created in the late nineties – TPWC, ZIP Skład and WWO – and their contemporary productions, once and for all described the canon of Polish hip-hop. There is no closed species framework for the Falcon. He is an experimenter who interprets poems by Różewicz or Wyspiański with the same sensitivity and accuracy as street stories from the dark areas of the big city. Once a reflection and introspection, once immersive narrative story – regardless of the adopted formula Sokol artistically eludes any obviousness. His solo album “Wojtek Sokół” is one of the most important music events this year in Poland. The album gained gold status even during the preorder – without revealing any of the tracks or tracks.