The Sisters of Mercy, Gama Bomb and Downfall of Gaia confirmed for Wacken 2019!

The stream of new bands doesn’t stop and all of today’s bands haven’t played at the Wacken Open Air yet!

The legendary SISTERS OF MERCY have released only three albums, but more was not necessary to leave a lasting impression on the scene. Even if they don’t like to hear it themselves: The band especially influenced the Gothic Rock style and still influences it today. We are looking forward to a nebulous show at W:O:A 2019!

Backup for Wasted Wednesday! GAMA BOMB from Ireland unpack the very big Thrash club and despite their “youth” (the band was founded in 2002) they remind astonishingly of the big keys from the 80s. When one day the first Thrash generation passes the baton on, GAMA BOMB will surely be ready to record it.

The German band DOWNFALL OF GAIA is one of those bands you can’t pin down on just one genre. The elements of Crust, Sludge, Black, Doom and Post Metal are mixed to a raw and partly disturbing or depressing mixture. It is truly a delight to sink into this mud!