The Minds of 99 confirmed for Denmark’s Jelling Festival!

As currently one of Denmark’s largest bands THE MINDS OF 99 join the Jelling Music Festival in 2022 with their sublime live show!

All disappoint over time. But THE MINDS OF 99’s prophetic mantra does not apply to the orchestra itself. Since the breakthrough in 2014, there has only been one way for the childhood friends from Frederiksberg, who visited Jelling in 2015, 2016 and most recently in 2019, where they left an entire festival site in collective ecstasy.

With a musical range that embraces post-punk and pop ballads, the band has long since cemented their aspiring ambitions and abilities. Their first three albums threw off hits like ‘It Is Knud Who Is Dead’, ‘Fast Hands’, ‘Stars in the Sky’, ‘The Sun King’ and ‘Young Knife’, all of which have the status of unofficial national anthems. The same status awaits i.a. ‘Like Flies’, ‘Big City, Bright Lights’ and ‘Under Your Snow’ from their brand new, fourth album ‘Infinity Action’.

On the critically acclaimed new album, which topped the album chart’s first place, the band adds even more nuances to the palette and incorporates i.a. elements of trance on ‘A Voice’ and pure English texts on e.g. ‘1, 2, 3, 4’. Very few bands in Denmark – and even worldwide – have managed to create an equally experimental and multifaceted musical universe as THE MINDS OF 99.

In September 2021, THE MINDS OF 99 became the symbol of the reopening of Denmark, when the band performed in front of more than 55,000 spectators in the Park. In April, they embark on a largely sold-out arena tour with nine stops around the country.

Nothing can therefore be more obvious than that THE MINDS OF 99 takes over the Big Stage in Jelling on Wednesday 25th May – and thus kicks off the festival summer again. The concert will be the first time since 2019 that THE MINDS OF 99 play on a festival stage and constitutes one of the band’s only four festival concerts this year.

At the moment, no band can bring Denmark together across geography, generations and class divides like The Minds of 99. After three legendary concerts at the Jelling Music Festival, we are more proud than ever to be able to present Minds once again. We are not for a moment in doubt that the concert will be nothing short of unique – not only for the audience in Jelling, but for the entire Danish festival summer in 2022, which The Minds of 99 opens on 25 May.

Lars Charlie Mortensen, festival director and booker