The Kooks, Skindred, Marathonmann & VSK Confirmed for Deichbrand Festival 2019

You do not have to introduce THE KOOKS any more, you know them as festival goers and concert goers. When The Kooks go on tour, they are known to pull a wide trail of languishing hearts behind them. And that will lead them to DEICHBRAND Festival in 2019.

The British indie rock band from Brighton may not miss their new album “Let’s go sunshine” on our line-up. It’s a brave album that once again highlights the timeless sound of the band. It is moving, energising, melodic and concise in his portrait of modern British urban life. Heart and soul are the hymns about lost innocence, about loss and recovery. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of an ambitious band live!

SKINDRED are a real phenomenon. In their music they combine reggae, metal, hip-hop and perfect the sound with elements of punk. Survival-sized songs, larger than life sound.

Frontman Benji Webbe has become a veritable shouter and the band is focusing on real riff rock this summer – but without denying their roots and the reggae vibe. In 2018, the British band have already stopped by for two acclaimed and exclusive shows in Germany to present their new songs live. Now SKINDRED have confirmed that they will finally play again at the DEICHBRAND Festival in the summer of 2019!

A band that can not sit still long! MARATHONMANN become hungrier, curious and carefree every year. They indulge in the freedom to do exactly what they want to and feel right at home in their skin. MARATHONMANN sound as honest and tangible as never before, without shaking the foundations of their typical sound, they manage to survive new musical influences. The stories that tell their songs are as close and authentic as their music!

In times when what used to be known as hip-hop has degenerated into adapted plastic pop music, it takes a brave man to pull the cart out of the mud, or as deep as he is in major industry mud. Rather 8: MC pencil, MC typewriter, dr. Podwich, Match MC, Masta Maik, Flowbotta, Fanta Yokai and DJ Ratzefummel set off to cut off the dragon’s head as VSK.

In 2019 they come to the DEICHBRAND Festival with their debut album “Where the wild things flow”. They travel back in time to the golden age of hip-hop and stuff the pockets of their baggies with souvenirs. Lyrically, the members of the collective prove that they are still old school MC’ees and know all the disciplines of rap, whether classic rap and battletracks with an above average punchline density, deep songs or classic storytellers like “Tatiana” on the 6 report on her failed love. Peace, Love, Unity & Havin Fun!

Tickets are on sale now for Deichbrand Festival 2019 from our friends at Eventim Germanyclick here for more information.