The Cure to headline Øya Festival 2019


Few bands have influenced indie rock and underground pop like THE CURE. They have combined commercial success with artistic freedom in a unique way. The band will headline the festivals biggest stage and play a full set.  Rumours say that a new album will be out by summer.

This will be the first time the band plays a festival in Norway, and it’ll be their biggest show here to date.

THE CURE was started by Robert Smith and schoolmates as Easy Cure in 1976. The name was soon shortened and the debut album Three Imaginary Boys was released in 1979. The band followed up with amazing albums and singles though the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s earning them the legendary status they have today. From the mid-80’s they also became hugely successful around the world. The band has sold out stadiums and arenas on several continents and headlined all the biggest and most important global festivals.

We all love Boys Don’t Cry, The Lovecats, The Walk, Inbetween Days, Close To Me, Just Like Heaven, Lullaby and Friday I’m In Love, but The Cure are so much more than a hit singles band. They produce a unique sound, a delirious mix of melancholic post-punk, upbeat synthpop, dreamy psychedelia and emotional guitar rock. The band and their music continue to inspired whole generations of artists and songwriters.

Organisers are proud to present THE CURE on their biggest stage in 2019, because they are a band they have wanted to see at Øya Festival for years. Organisers have been told that their festival is on the list of festivals Robert Smith wants to play, and that makes them even more enthusiastic! The band will play a selection of the biggest and most important festivals in Europe in the summer of 2019.

This is a concert not to be missed!