Tame Impala, The Streets, Kali Uchis & More For Gården Fest In Gothenburg

The first days of summer are spent in Gothenburg, an the city’s new music festival Gården.

On the stage are, among others, TAME IMPALA, THE STREETS, Sweden’s emerging R&B star KALI UCHIS and Gothenburg’s finest – SARAH KLANG. In addition, the iconic Gothenburg Heroes BAD CASH QUARTET are reunited to play their first concert in 14 years.

After last year’s celebrated premiere of Garden, the one-day party that took place in the Garden Society on the National Day, organisers have now taken it one step further.

The result is the Gården – two summer days in the park where iconic artists meet tomorrow’s stars. Under the tree crowns in the centre of central Gothenburg, the festival creates a musical oasis and generations of music lovers are united in the rocking audience sea. Enjoy the first taste of the summer where the grass is greenest and the summer is new, together with your friends and some of the world’s best live artists.

Previously, the music festival has focused on a large outdoor stage, in addition to expanding with an extra festival day, a new stage is now added inside the Garden. On stage, up and coming artists will play and the capacity is limited.

The Gården will offer a great musical breadth and be visited by, among others, Coachella’s hyped headliner TAME IMPALA, the UK Garage icon THE STREETS and reunited BAD CASH QUARTET.