Steve Aoki replaces The Prodigy at Highfield Festival 2019

The sudden death of The Prodigys’ Keith Flint has shaken us, just like you, massively. He was not just an exceptional artist, but also a hole in the line-up that can not be filled. However, it is important to festival organisers to give you a balanced billing at the top and to make all those of you who are looking forward to a night full of beats, dance and ecstasy happy. That’s why they are so happy that electro jack-of-all-trades and dancefloor beamman STEVE AOKI will complete the top tier of our program!

Grammy nominations, awards, millions of streams, countless releases, a successful record label. Quite rightly, he is now one of the largest cross-genre artists in the world. But at the core, STEVE AOKI is first and foremost a visionary. It seems that he can look directly into the heads of the dance-mad population of this earth, and then press the exact musical buttons necessary to bring a dance hall on point to a boil. STEVE AOKI is a philanthropist and seems to be constantly bursting with love for the world and its environment! That is exactly the spark that keeps turning over his listeners in his music. That’s why his live concerts regularly turn into a detached fun fair. You bring the mood, STEVE AOKI brings the cake!

There are some tickets still available for Highfield Festival 2019 and they can be purchased from the official ticket agency Eventim – just click here for more info.