Skindred, Sick of it All & more added to the Open Air Gränichen line up

Yes, the second wave of bands rolls up bringing hardcore, punk, reggae metal and more. Without further distraction, these are the bands:

We present you the ragga metal visionaries par excellence: SKINDRED! Paired with influences from hip-hop and punk, the four men from Wales are one of the most exciting mixes in Rockbiz. Stomping monster full of distorted guitar riffs, then flawless metal ballads, reggae jams and alternative rap trance songs.

Does the gentle music fan hear the word hardcore, does he think almost automatically? Exactly, SICK OF IT ALL! Since 1986, the band has been touring through the clubs and performing their sweaty live performances. The quartet from the States makes it clear even today how one must sound as a hardcore band. Cute old school hardcore with punky singalongs, a hint of two-step and a fat metal edge. SICK OF IT ALL – Hardcore!

The hardcore band IGNITE manages to reconcile melancholy, political attitude and big hymns with hardcore roots. Galloping rhythms, with the greatest verve sawing riffs and melodies that do not seem to come from this planet. IGNITE stands for more than 25 years for super-melodic stocky punk rock, which never loses sight of his hardcore roots.

Turn high-speed thrash metal, hardcore punk and black metal through the musical meat grinder; out comes the Russian stronghold SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER. Wherever the six men appear, their D.R.I. memory riffs and energetic, merciless stage presence for adrenaline thrusts provide unparalleled, hair-raising stage dives and sweaty mosh hells.

Leg-hard riffs, groovy two-steps and nasty breakdowns: LIFECRUSHER from the heart of Switzerland spew their thrashy hardcore in the middle of the visage. The quartet is influenced by formations like Trapped Under Ice, Judiciary or Downpresser. This will definitely be a sweaty roller coaster ride. LIFECRUSHER know how to make the pit simmer. So, give gas, but deluxe!

These five Swiss tastes are the toughest fare: HELLVETICA stands for explosive shows, extreme stage acting, fat live sound, a strong interaction with the audience spiced with a good dose of Thrash Metal with a touch of punk and hardcore! With concise guitar riffs, lots of screams and growls, and here and there a heavily dropped bass, they’ll sweep you right away.

So far the whole line-up looks like this: Skindred, Sick Of It All, Less Than Jake, Ignite, Knöppel, Siberian Meat Grinder, Crystal Lake, Vale Tudo, Überyou, Hellvetica, Lifecrusher.