Sigrid confirmed for Colours of Ostrava 2020

Immediate, with an exceptional voice, an international sensation … simply SIGRID! As the second youngest, she convincingly won the BBC Music Sound of 2018, won the Norwegian Grammy Awards, became the crowd darling in Glastonbury and Coachella and performed during the Nobel Peace Prize.

Before she released her debut album, Sucker Punch, she really did do the charts with viral hits Don’t Kill My Vibe or Strangers and filled the “One You Need To Hear” sections.

Quite a remarkable success for only 23-year-old singer and composer admiring Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. She is self-confident even for her age with keen opinions, and her synthpop with vibrant melodies definitely belongs to the clever category. In Norway, Sigrid Solbakk Raabe delegated to an “invincible pop princess with unpredictable dance steps” and elsewhere they appreciate how she naturally entered the great pop world without being overwhelmed by its rules and universal laws of predictability.

“I’m glad I can trust myself and do what suits me. I will not change, even though someone thinks I should” says a confident girl, most often posing in a shirt, jeans and sneakers. He does not rely on “melancholic Nordic magic”, an extraordinary voice that occasionally changes into a hoarse voice, sings about everyday experiences, and focuses more on music than on image.