Shaka Ponk join the Colours of Ostrava Festival line up

Egyptian, Five Frenchmen and Giant Virtual Monkey Mr. Goz returns. Welcome back to the crazy world of SHAKA PONK: musicians, animators and graphic artists who have come to this as it sounds in their foreheads and brought it to the world without warning. 

Even more crazy than ever before, it gives reason, and whoever has experienced the Colors, knows what he is waiting for after a manic concert – a crystalline musical delirium – played in a complete fit and supported by fantastic 3D projection: a sleepless night. Or boil until the morning. Depends on the nature.

“We’re not anxious in style, and none of us even know where we belong. Any direction? Nonsense. We love electronics, punk, rock, metal, hip hop raga, and we’re going into people, as Mr. Goz, so until they start bleeding their ears – Frah, the singer and graphic artist

And forgetting about sex, comics, ecology, and language span: SHAKA PONK is singing in English, Spanish and French to understand as many people as possible. 

So where does the name SHAKA PONK come from?

Simple answer: Shaka, one of the names of Buddha, and Ponk, the Pontic tribe of India. Or else: shaka like shake and punk as punk.

The winners of the highest French music prize, Victoires de la Musique, and two-time MTV Europe Music Awards winners remain a French rocking sensation even after the release of the new album, The Evol ‘- an abbreviation for Evolution, dangerously coming Evil, however anagram for Love, perhaps the only salvation of mankind. 

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