Scorpions, Pretty Maids, Living Color, Glenn Hughes and more for Copenhell 2019

The music program at COPENHELL 2019 is now being expanded with ten new bands that bring us further into the hard genres, from retrorock to modern metal. The main names for all the festival days are now on the poster, and more bands and events will be added to the festival up to the festival.

In 2016, the German rock legends SCORPIONS delivered an absolutely enchanting concert in the most crazy weather ever experienced at COPENHELL. The electricity crackled both in the sky over the festival site and between an almost supernaturally well-playing band and a completely euphoric audience, as the incredibly well-presented band delivered their splendid performance. Since then, they have toured the world, and although the experienced musicians have long since passed their 50th anniversary, the sting sticks as hard as ever. The band is in many ways for the hard rock, what Black Sabbath is for heavy metal, and through their more than half a century of music history, they have shown great musical span. As Saturday’s main name, these rock pioneers will close COPENHELL 2019 with a bang with everything from grandiose ballads to sparkling rock classics.

One of the first names to appear when you think of “classic Danish heavy rock” is PRETTY MAIDS. Ever since their inception in 1981, the productive band has been able to maintain their style, nerve and creative spark over 15 study releases. The level has been consistently high over the years, and the albums “Pandemonium” and “Motherland” from 2010 and 2013 respectively are perceived by many as the band’s best to date. The tough Danish rockers have for many decades been strong on both the Danish and the international scene, and it is a great pleasure for us to present a reunion with them at COPENHELL this year.

LIVING COLOR rose from the New York underground scene and, in a few years, became world stars with their lively funk metal and not least the megahit “Cult of Personality” from 1992. The phenomenally talented musicians with Corey Glover’s formidable vocals in front have since then and up to the album ” Shade ”from 2017 delivered and further developed their original and unique genre mashup of metal, rock, funk, jazz and hip hop. Count on a clean party of a concert!

Deep Purples former bassist and singer GLENN HUGHES, also better known as “Voice of Rock”, today plays together with a rock supergroup consisting of among others the Danish musicians Søren Andersen and Jay Boe. The guests this year COPENHELL with their “Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live” world tour, which pays homage to one of music history’s most influential rock bands. This concert will be a nostalgic gust of hurricane strength from the past when the band plays the magic music of the 70s that helped launch it all.

One of the Swedish death metal’s “Big Four” visits COPENHELL 2019 when UNLEASHED releases their furious and icy oldschool metal. Here we experience heavy, explosive riffs carried by a musical force. How many other bands have developed their music and searched for the progressive, these old warriors have held firmly in their original sound – and thank you for that! From the moment Johnny Hedlunds wanted to scream over the festival site, fans of classic death metal will not be dry.

The Danish band SLÆGT returns to COPENHELL with their blackened heavy metal! Here, young and old meet in a sound image that is both traditional and progressive. The lyrics are characterised by the supernatural and the occult and have a well-known 80’s-like heavy metal vibe over them. They blend efficiently with a raw and rasping black metal vocals, complete with rambuk-like blastbeats and painfully insistent guitar riffs, in a stunningly beautiful soundscape.

The American rock band CANDLEBOX appeared right in the middle of the grunge wave that washed in everywhere and everyone in the early 90s. Rather than surfing on it, they clung to the classic blues hard rock and a more polished sound that resulted in numerous large radio hits. The lead singer Kevin Martin’s intense vocal has ever since borne the band’s sound, and his vocal chords are still in top form on both their latest releases and their on-going tour.

Copenhell 2019 poster Denmark

The highly respected and leading band KATATONIA has, over the past 30 years, been on a true voyage of discovery in the underworld of the hard music. They have moved from death and doom over traditional heavy metal and to a more progressive, rocket sound that gathers together masterfully in a modern and complex soundscape. The band visits COPENHELL 2019 on their ten-year anniversary tour for their landmark album “Night Is The New Day”, which they will play during this concert (Note: KATATONIA plays Wednesday, June 20).

The pedal will be pressed all the way down when Danish MANTICORA plays up to mosh at COPENHELL 2019! The hard boys from Hvidovre deliver their thrashed, progressive power metal at a very hair-raising pace that will thrill all speed metal fans. The band released their eighth studio album last year, and you clearly feel a great routine and a high level of technical skills behind the performances. The effective blend of styles and the horror text universe is a real treat for anyone who loves power metal.

The Copenhagen quintet DEMON HEAD plays the diabolical retro rock inspired by, among other things, the 60’s acid shock and the 70’s proto-metal. It involves, among other things, dual guitar solos – one of the band’s distinctive features – occult themes and heavy, slow songs well-soaked by gloomy underwater mood. A must for all doom fans!