Saxon joins, Mercyful Fate and 39 other artists confirmed! For Mystic Festival 2022

Mystic Festival organisers didn’t give up! This festival will take place, and it promises to be an event you will never forget. JUDAS PRIEST will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in Gdańsk – that you already know. On top of that, you will enjoy, among others, MERCYFUL FATE and SAXON, one of the legends of British metal. The line-up will also include MGŁA, IGORRR, KATATONIA, VADER, GOLD… and this just the beginning of a long list of artists from all over the world.

Apart from the forty artists you already know, organisers are inviting you for the show of SAXON, the pioneers of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, relentless crusaders in denim and leather. In 2019, SAXON celebrated their 40th birthday with the record “The Eagle Has Landed 40 (Live)”, this year brought “Inspirations”, an album with cover versions of music that shaped them, and Biff Byford and his crew’s new studio album is planned for 2022, so we can expect a strong, diverse setlist for their show at Mystic Festival.

The plague won another round, forcing organisers to postpone the festival yet again – but they don’t give up. And nor do all the artists who want to build music history together with them – and with you!

Here’s the full list of bands, whose shows at Gdańsk shipyard in June 2022:
(0) – 1914 – Arabrot – Azarath  – Baest – Bleed From Within – Czerń – Dead Lord – Deluge – Dolch  – Dopelord – Dwaal – Favorit89 – Fleshworld – Gold – Grift – Hangman’s Chair – Igorrr – Imperial Triumphant – Infected Rain – Irfan – Katatonia – Konvent – Lindy-Fay Hella – Maggot Heart – Major Kong – Medico Peste – Mercyful Fate – Mgła – Mortiis – Motanka – Nightrun87 – Okkultokrati – Only Sons – OVO – Raging Speedhorn – Rosk – Saxon – Tester Gier – Truchło Strzygi – Vader