Rotting Christ, Get The Shot & Gutalax added to Summer Breeze 2019

Just like the black pest, which brought fear and despair to large parts of Europe from the Bronze Age until the late 19thcentury, ROTTING CHRIST will also descend on Dinkelsbühl in August to spread one of the blackest plagues of all among you: The plague of black metal!

Musically, ROTTING CHRST have been following their own path for a long while. Sometimes they concentrate on occultism, then they go down a more mystical route, and next they experiment with electronic and post industrial elements. It’s about time that Sakis and his lads bedevil us again at SUMMER BREEZE! After all, the Greeks’ last visit was four long years ago. So ROTTING CHRIST are coming to this year’s BREEZE to make up for their long absence. Look forward to a black metal inferno that won’t leave anything to be desired. This epidemic is highly contagious and has no cure. Once you are infected, all hope is lost…

Grindcore! Fun! Toilet brushes! Toilet paper! We really shouldn’t need to write anything else about our next confirmation, GUTALAX!

The Czech know how to pimp up a gore’n’roll show with a cool stage production. Just have enough toilet brushes and paper with you, erm… The band’s crushing porn grind obviously also convinces on its own, but you know the drill: This music doesn’t really get entertaining until you get something wild to see on stage. And that’s the case with GUTALAX. So the M.O. is: Leave your brain at the door, get a few fun drinks in you, toilet brush in hand, march down to the GUTALAX gig and have some fun! Even prog metal fans should get this right, huh!?

Today we can announce the participation of a fine hardcore jewel: Straight from Canada, GET THE SHOT are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Even though, with their metallic guitars, GET THE SHOT can mostly be classified as modern hardcore, all HC veterans should find the band appealing too, as the Canadians manage to incorporate some old school influences in their compositions besides all beatdowns and thrashy parts. This should make GET THE SHOT attractive for hardcore fans of all age groups – especially live on stage, because they spread an incredible energy and are just absolutely massive!