Phoenix, Loyle Carner, Warpaint and more for Mayfield derby 2023!

From 16th to 18th June 2023, the Maifeld Derby will take place in the usual form on the Mannheim Maimarkt grounds. 3 days, 4 stages and over 60 artists from all over the world. 100% independent and always on the move in the service of aural and culinary delights.

The first band wave is led by the French Grammy winners PHOENIX, who have their breathtakingly great songs accompanied live by a first-class visual show. Adorable! The Brit LOYLE CARNER is the rapper of the hour. His current album “Hugo” has not only convinced the critics, but also brought him sold-out halls worldwide. The Americans WARPAINT were already at the Derby in 2014 with their dream pop and are now coming back to headline the open air stage at their only German festival.

The experimental rappers from DEATH GRIPS get wild at one of their very rare performances in Germany. Great indie rock will be delivered by SURF CURSE. As a boomer, you don’t have to understand that of all people with their 90s sound they became a TikTok phenomenon. But no one can avoid loving this band very much! With the pianist and songwriter DILLON, spherical electro sounds and classic elements meet a goose bumps voice. Perfect for dreaming away in the palace tent.

This is not the case with PISSE. The stoic German punks are grumpy, funny and more of a power workout than yoga – it’ll be hearty! SORRY from London are just about the most exciting indie rock band in the world. Cool, weird and just outrageously talented – Word! The Australian JACK BOTTS provides vanlife and surfer moments with his all-embracing voice. On the other hand, there’s the hat at ZULU, who draw attention to structural violence against the black population in the USA with powerful old-school hardcore.

SORCHA RICHARDSON from Ireland writes really great pop/folk songs and, unknown to you, will know how to captivate you. At DITZ, the alarm is sounded again. The English are currently among the most exciting post-punk noise rock bands ever. You will see why! Also taking off on the island are LIME GARDEN with cool and overly catchy indie rock hits – yes: hits! The Australian GLASS BEAMS are somewhat mystical with their mysterious psychedelic Indian disco pop. In addition to hair-raising genre cramps, they encourage one thing above all: to dance!

The Culk front woman SOPHIA BLENDA comes with her eerily beautiful debut album “Die Neue Heiterkeit” in the Parcours d’amour – In den Schatten. MANDY, INDIANA is also dark. Hypnotic and danceable industrial noise with French lyrics. Bonne Nuit. HOPE from Berlin use less noisy, but just as pulsating soundscapes.

The genre “Neue Neue Deutsche Welle” is more associated with 1-2 people on stage and a lot from the tape. TEMMIS, on the other hand, has the full power of a whole band. The Austrian UCHE YARA comes from the picture book environment and there is still little to be found about her on the internet. However, the title “hot shit 2023” is already attached to it. NOT SEATTLE aka Katharina Kollmann writes very touching songs in German. Most recently she supported Tocotronic. They are fans. Just like us. Also German-speaking and fresh is ROLF BLUMIG. Over-the-top talented guy with a great band. Last but not least the new Mannheim combo DAS STERBEN, whose debut song we liked so much that we invited them to the Derby.

Maifeld Derby 2023 first poster