Mark Ronson, The Blaze & more confirmed for NorthSide Festival

MARK RONSON is one of the century’s most successful English musicians and producers. His work with Amy Winehouse on “Back to Black” made him world famous, and over the last 12 years he has had hits with Daniel Merriweather (“Stop Me”), Lily Allen (“Oh My God”) and Miley Cyrus (” Nothing Breaks Like a Heart. The big hit, however, is “Uptown Funk”, which went the number one in a large number of countries, and today stands as one of the best-selling singles ever.

Most recently, MARK RONSON has also been successful with Diplo in the duo Silk City and with the Oscar-winning (“Oscar-nominated”) song “Shallow” from the soundtrack to “A Star is Born”. MARK RONSON started his musical career as a DJ in New York more than 25 years ago, and along with being a crazy successful musician and producer, Ronson has continued to deliver great shows where his immense love for soul, pop, hip hop and funk is presented to perfection.

MARK RONSON will play on NorthSide 2019 on Friday June 7th

The French house duo THE BLAZE released their debut album “Dancehall” in 2018, which should not be seen as a tribute to the Jamaican music genre, but instead a tribute to the space where people gathered about the music. In Denmark, there were 5 stars from GAFFA to the debut album, and there were also praises when THE BLAZE played their first Danish concert last year. The fathers Guillaume and Jonathan Alric are both musicians and film directors, and therefore the duo have with great success focused on making fascinating music videos. Both the video for “Virile” and the video for “Territory” have won awards and have not surprisingly also received millions of plays on YouTube. So live, the visual also has a prominent place in the French show, which is characterized by both gravity and personality in their easily accessible house music.

THE BLAZE plays on Saturday 8th June at NorthSide 2019

There have also been room for another three really exciting international names in this round of publications. There were six stars in the GAFFA when IDLES released their second album, “Joy as an Act of Resistance,” and the group also scored a Best Breakthrough Act to Brit Awards. They are one of the most acclaimed rock bands in England right now and their intense concerts are the perfect place to experience frontman Joe Talbot’s intelligent and satirical lyrics.

German ALICE MERTON has found this big home in Denmark with “No Roots”, “Lash Out” and “Why So Serious”, and of course she was also highlighted, as GAFFA gave their bid for 10 artists that will be big in 2019. The debut album “Mint” appeared in the month of January, when the super-actual singer was praised by GAFFA for her unique offer of pop music: “It is SO delicious to hear a woman on the music scene in 2019 who dares to stand out and have edge”.

The last international name is MICHAEL KIWANUKA, who started his career at the start. The otherwise soothing MICHAEL KIWANUKA secured a boon for Adele in 2011, giving massive exposure to the talented songwriter who finished a great year winning the BBC’s Sound of 2012, two months before he was ready with the debut album. Both the debut, “Home Again”, and “Love & Hate” achieved great hitlist success in their home country, and his profile has only increased after the single “Cold Little Heart” was selected as the opening song for the popular HBO series “Big Little Lies”.

MICHAEL KIWANUKA unfortunately had to cancel his concert at NorthSide in 2013. But since then he has only become a bigger and more popular name, so he is a welcome addition to the festival program.

IDLES, ALICE MERTON and MICHAEL KIWANUKA all play Friday 7th June at NorthSide 2019

The last two names are the audience favorites BIKSTOK and the young star BARSELONA. The latter has during the last two years had massive success on both P3 and P6 Beat with “When”, “One year”, “Home alone”, “Barcelona”, “Closer to her” and “From Vienna to Rome”. The success, however, also extends to the live scene where BARSELONA last year experienced first getting five stars in the GAFFA for their concert at Spot Festival, and then the concert was proclaimed as the second best festival concert of the year at all by the magazine’s readers. The upcoming duo must, however, be aware that there will be competition to deliver this year’s concert at NorthSide when BIKSTOK goes on stage. The trio has not only delivered one of the best Danish debut albums ever with “Over stok og sten”, but Eaggermand, Pharfar and Blæs Bukki have also repeatedly proven that they, together with their fierce live band, can put the audience down at every opportunity.

In 2013 BIKSTOK started their comeback with a concert at NorthSide, and six years later they are now both ready with new music and another party.

BARSELONA and BIKSTOK play on Saturday 8th June at NorthSide 2019