Lukas Graham and six more acts named for Jelling Festival 2023

Ten years after his last performance at the Jelling Music Festival, LUKAS GRAHAM is back on the bill.

Jelling festival and the rest of Denmark fell head over heels for LUKAS GRAHAM, the charismatic frontman from Christiania and the iconic white tank top, when ‘Drunk in the Morning’ burst through the sound barrier in 2011. The band made their festival debut at Jelling Musikfestival in 2012 – a legendary gig , who tested the tent stage’s maximum capacity to the limit. The following year, Lukas Graham took the Store Stage, before lead singer Lukas and the band went out to take the world by storm.

LUKAS GRAHAM has topped all over the world’s charts and been around the world to packed stadiums. No less than three American GRAMMY nominations in 2017 cemented an impressive global breakthrough in every way and an era in Danish music that had only just begun. ‘7 Years’ was a moving poem about life’s long road, which became a universal story and a billion-streamed smash hit. On the heels of the massive success followed a new album led by ‘Love Someone’, which became another world hit with platinum status in no less than 18 different countries.

Lukas Graham are world champions in creating a connection with the audience that raises concerts to a completely different level – we already experienced that in 2012, when a packed tent sang along from the first stanza. That is why we are also insanely happy that we can now once again present Lukas Graham to the Jelling audience. It’s going to be big!

Gaute Parbo Niemann – Jelling festival program manager

A strong pool of leading Danish artists make up the next six names on the Jelling Festival 2023 poster.  A good mix of seasoned Danish audience favorites and musical hopes of the future make up the first names on the poster for the Jelling Music Festival. Welcome NIK & JAY, MEDINA, TV-2, SWAN LEE, LAMIN and PRISMA.

For well over 20 years, NIK & JAY, with their tireless energy, warm vibes and fantastic stage show, have maintained a very special place in the hearts of the Danes. The boys have noticed, their hearts have spoken and the time has come to do what they do best: standing on the big stages and sprinkling magic dust over the faithful audience. In 2023, NIK & JAY will finally hit the country’s festivals again for the first time in almost four years – and Jelling is the first stop on the journey.

Since MEDINA burst onto the Danish pop star scene with the breakthrough album ‘Velkommen til Medina’ in 2009, her huge hits, such as ‘Kun For Mig’, ‘For Altid’, ‘Ensom’ and ‘Kl 10’, have become part of the folk soul. Most recently, the single ‘Som Stjernerne’ has been in high rotation on the Danish airplay lists. Backed by a strong, open-hearted show and a well-playing band, MEDINA at Jelling Musikfestival takes you all the way through the impressive song catalogue.

For over 40 years, TV-2 has given words and sound to contemporary life, love and everyday life with an underlying (self) ironic bite. In 2023, Denmark’s happiest orchestra will once again be the focal point for great emotions, the party and the community, when their endless list of hits, such as ‘Lanternen’, ‘Kiss Det Nu’, ‘Der Går Min Klasselerer’ and ‘De Første Kæster På Månen’ brings together the generations in Jelling. TV-2 visited the Jelling Music Festival for the first time in 1994 and still presents the same crew as then and still with the same accuracy.

One of the most significant Danish indie rock bands of the 00s is resurrected. In 2001, SWAN LEE burst into Danes’ hearts with the critically acclaimed debut ‘Enter’ and the Bond anthem ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, which testified to a Danish name that dared to dream big. The self-titled second album went straight to No. 1 in the charts in 2004 together with the single ‘I Don’t Mind’, which was joined by huge hits such as ‘Love Will Keep You Warm’ and ‘What Is Love?’. The trio bring both their beloved back catalog and material from an upcoming album when they take on the Jelling Music Festival 19 years after their last visit. They flew their very own paths in Danish rock – now SWAN LEE is flying again.

With a lyrical universe that balances attitude with thoughtfulness, LAMIN has signed himself up as a hot name on the rap scene’s new wave. Since the debut album ‘Hva ved de om Lams’ from 2021, the rapper has released both an EP and the album ‘Kronisk Skeptisk’, which together have piled up millions of streams and triggered awards for P3 Gold and DMA. With huge hits such as ‘Good Days, Good Drinks’, ‘Window’ and ‘Aesthetic’ and collaborations with Kesi, ICEKIID and Artigeardit, LAMIN’S first concert at Jelling is destined to be a huge hit.

The sister duo PRISMA broke through in 2021 with the tracks ‘I Never Wanted To Meet You’, ‘Villains of The Night’ and ‘Seven Greedy Girls’, which became the year’s most played song on P6 Beat. Since then, it has only gone one way for Sirid and Frida Møl Kristensen, who with their noisy guitars, sharp productions and spherical vocal harmonies evoke an untamed rock energy – not least when they perform live. With the single precursors ‘Drive’ and ‘Bangs’, the duo is building towards a debut album and a phenomenal festival summer that will bring them to Jelling.