LP and Gang of Youths added to Colours of Ostrava line up

In the Czech Republic, American singer LP will return for the second time after an enthusiastically received performance on the main stage of the Colors of Ostrava 2017 Festival, where her tall and enormous charisma entertained tens of thousands of visitors.

The fifth studio album Heart to Mouth features directness of testimony – without censorship, without excessive words.

“When I walk to the microphone and start singing, I feel a direct connection between heart and mouth,” says LP.”

The first ideas on the new album began with the singer in 2017 and again collaborated with producer Mike Del Rio (Eminem, X Ambassadors, Skylar Gray) and composer Nathaniel Campany. “Over the years, I’ve already figured out what I want for myself, what I want to say, what I want to pass on to people I want to play,” continues LP. “I do not have to pretend to be full, which stems from creative freedom. I do not have to ask anyone for permission, I can be the one I want to be. And to write about it. “Heart To Mouth talks about love, desire, fear, uncertainty, infidelity, regret and redemption. “I’m lucky that my fans understand it. She sees and hears that I have gone through unpleasant moments before I get here. And they appreciate it because we all go through it – from cradle to grave. And I’m just singing about it. If you like it, great. And if not, it does not matter, “concludes LP.

Colors of Ostrava 2019 will also include GANG OF YOUTHS, the four-time Australian ARIA Awards, including Best Album and Best Group.  A powerful mix of guitars, dunks, keys, and strings, David Le’aupepe’s raw voice, turns turbulently into the centre of painful contemplation of the wandering of the heart, loneliness, anxiety, and the certainty that what has happened to us once in our lives will come again.

It is admirable for GANG OF YOUTHS to bring the music in the texts oscillating between heaven and hell to giant Australian stadiums, where perhaps their sense of epic rock ballads most likely. They played at the Barcelona Primavera Festival, they had a big American tour and Foo Fighters.

David Le’aupepe, whose father comes from the Polynesian island of Samoa and has a Jewish ancestor from his mother’s side, is a globetrotter: he lived in London, New York and Nashville. In the evangelical community in Sydney, he met the remaining members of the “multi-ethnic” band: guitarist Joji Malan comes from Fiji, bassist Maxwell Dunn of New Zealand, keyboardist Jung Kim has American-Korean ancestors and drummer Donnie Borzestowski Polish-Australian.

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