Lil Nas X, Skrillex and many others confirmed for Ruisrock 2023

Confirmed for Ruisrock 2023 so far – LIL NAS X is a hugely successful American rapper who has revolutionised the entire hip hop culture. The artist has not only dominated the charts with his music, but also served as the voice of LGBTQ culture by advocating for equality. Another influential name in his genre is the EDM revolutionary SKRILLEX, whose unique signature sound can be heard in modern music across genres and who brought dubstep to the mainstream with his EP Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

Ruisrock will also feature the torchbearer of English bedroom pop PINKPANTHERESS who rose to fame last year through TikTok. Pioneering trap rap will be brought to the festival by the American DENZEL CURRY, whereas Swedish rap will be performed by YUNG LEAN who has garnered interest across the globe and is also known as the creator of emo rap.

An interesting list of Finnish names has been added to Ruisrock’s Finnish lineup. Confirmed for the festival are one of the top Finnish rappers GETTOMASA, pop rock pioneer HALOO HELSINKI! and the popular favourites BEHM and ERIKA VIKMAN. The Finnish rap lineup also features exciting new additions, such as ETTA and JAMI FALTIN, whereas soft pop music will be performed by the ethereal PEHMOAINO and an interesting new name ALIISA SYRJÄ. More upbeat, energetic pop will be brought to the festival by BENJAMIN.

Ruisrock will be held 7th – 9th July 2023, in Ruissalo, Turku. More artist announcements will be made later this winter!