Less Than Jake, Crystal Lake, Vale Tudo & for Open Air Gräichen 2019

We start the first wave of bands for Open Air Gränichen today and organisers have released a limited number of early bird festival tickets!

LESS THAN JAKE is a true institution in the ska-punk area on stage. Their highly infectious mix of punk rock and ska captures fans of all ages and it takes only a few songs, until the environment gets into vibration. Anyone who has already seen LESS THAN JAKE live knows that the quintet is even better on stage than on CD or streamed. Moshpits, crowdsurfers, stage invasion!

A fuse will be laid to Gränichen, she will light CRYSTAL LAKE from Tokyo. Since 2002, the quartet has inspired fans of the metalcore genre. By combining deep growls, clean screams, smooth-sounding riffs and an electronic touch, CRYSTAL LAKE creates the perfect blend of soft and aggressive tones. Metalcore, Deathcore and Nu Metal are served. Off to the Mosh pit!

“This Is The Hardcore Heavy Way.” Listen to these screams, VALE TUDO from Zurich rock the stage. Hardcore, sprung from the 80s punk, paired with metal influences. Rough, brutal riffing, tight drums and aggressive vocals. Give free rein to your adrenalin and remember: VALE TUDO!

The Züri Punks of ÜBERYOU have grazed the whole world in recent years, be it Havana, Sao Paulo, Rome, Texas. Now they are mowing down the Moortal! With the fraternal spirit of Gainesville punk bands à la AgainstMe! or Hot Water Music in the heart and the essence of the Swiss punk scene in the blood, ÜBERYOU hit the nerve of the time, clear the bar empty, turn everything upside down and make also saugute music. Punk and Rock, what more do you need?