Korn and Bring Me The Horizon join the VOA Heavy Rock Festival line up

Since their inception in 2004, BRING ME THE HORIZON has begun a process of constant progression, which has seen them bounce from early deathcore to melodic metalcore, maturing a musical sensitivity that became increasingly evident at the end of its first decade of existence.

In “Amo”, their most recent record, they widened their range even more, with a sound that is steadily asserting itself as the perfect soundtrack for a whole new generation committed to breaking the shackles that bind heavy music.

The cathartic approach to alternative metal in the albums “Korn”, “Life Is Peachy” and “Follow The Leader” has placed the Americans KORN as one of the most popular and provocative proposals that emerged in the post-grunge era of the late 1990s, earning them two Grammys and two MTV Video Music Awards, as well as widespread recognition by the public, the press and industry.

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