Kodaline, Die Happy, Marvin Game confirmed for Deichbrand Festival 2019

KODALINE stands for great hymns, great choruses, great feelings. In the life of the band something happens constantly, which has to be processed in songs. KODALINE, with their elegant sound and sonorous productions, manage to turn the therapeutic function of music into big songs. They draw their small and big stories from the full life and create from everyday life eternally valid truths and melodies that stay in the ear. They channeled their emotions into songs of love and loss with a wide-band sound composed of epic guitars, rising choruses and the characteristically high voice of frontman Garrigan.

Next summer KODALINE will enchant you live with new and old hits at the DEICHBRAND.

The German band DIE HAPPY can now look back on over 25 years of band history. Anyone who dares to take a look into the future will see them on the DEICHBRAND stage in the summer. And not for the first time. Already in 2008 and 2010 the group was on the line-up.

And with each of their shows, it becomes clear once again: DIE HAPPY is primarily a rock band, although you always hear that they can not resist mixing some very trendy elements into the music as well. On the other hand, they also have really hard rock music on it. We think: This is the perfect mix for the Festival Summer 2019!

Uninterrupted in music, MARVIN GAME sharpened a strong affinity to poetry and music early on. He is particularly enthusiastic about American R’n’B of the early nineties and the hard oilseed rape from the Dirty South era.

After a lengthy stay in the United States, his creative leadership has led to a veritable movement: the “IMMER.READY” course. Already here Marvin proves pioneering qualities, shows sensitivity in the accurate handling of autotune effects and makes his voice the instrument. He creates with his live shows a symbol for incomparably energetic turn-up.

Today Marvin is 27 years old, with two relatively covert concept albums and his new masterpiece HIGHDRATED was presented to the public on 02.11.18. This time he has broadened the soundscape, circling thematically light-heartedly around the beautiful things in life: good weed, clear water, beautiful women. We look forward to seeing him at DEICHBRAND 2019!

Tickets are on sale now for Deichbrand Festival 2019 from our friends at Eventim Germany – click here for more information.