KISS, Down, Opeth, P.O.D. & more to visit Copenhell 2020

COPENHELL adds everything from iconic retro rock to brutal death metal to the 2020 festival line-up with 11 strong new acts: KISS, DOWN, OPETH, P.O.D., RAISED FIST, WITCHCRAFT, HÄLLAS, GATECREEPER, BLOOD INCANTATION, SANTA CRUZ and DEADLY APPLES.

After an explosive start with huge names like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, KORN, DISTURBED and MERCYFUL FATE on the poster, COPENHELL now adds more strong acts to next year’s festival.

The mega band KISS will visit COPENHELL 2020 on their ‘End of the Road’ farewell tour. This will, in other words, be the very last chance to experience the legendary rock band before they say goodbye after a more than long and golden career spanning more than 46 years. This band has achieved no less than 30 gold and 14 platinum albums – more than any other American bands – and secured spots high up on most great lists of the most important rock bands ever. The iconic KISS stage show has entertained music lovers all over the world throughout more than four decades with lots of pyrotechnics, crazy costumes and wild stunts – and not least the band’s catchy combination of progressive hard rock and heavy metal. We look forward to experiencing the very last show ever with The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman and The Catman on Danish soil!

Phil Anselmo visited COPENHELL for the first time in 2013 with the band DOWN, and they will make a return on COPENHELL 2020. The band has not performed live since 2016, but it has been reunited in celebration of the 25-year anniversary of their debut release ‘NOLA’ from 1995. DOWN was created in 1991 when a super group of artists from Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Goatwhore and Crowbar, among others, started jamming and writing music together. They play heavy metal that draws upon a lot of different genres, from sludge metal and stoner rock to punk and blues rock, which is first and foremost characterized by shredding riffs and Anselmo’s unmistakable, angry vocals. We look forward to a great reunion with them!

The Swedish band OPETH has epitomized staggering musical proficiency and the drive to constantly develop their music throughout their entire long career. Forget everything about playing safe and re-releasing the same album over and over again – fans of this band have been constantly challenged with new surprises, not least with the group’s excellent latest album, ‘In Cauda Venenum’. If you look up the word “progressive” in a music dictionary, it will say “OPETH“. Throughout 30 years, this band has played around with elements from both jazz and classical music in their musical style, which has wandered from death metal to straight-up rock. This is musical equilibrim for both music geeks and everyone else who want a completely unique music experience.

Californian band P.O.D., also known as Payable On Death, rose through the ranks of the nu metal scene in the 90s – particularly with their platinum album ‘The Fundamental Elements of Southtown’ in 1999. P.O.D. mixes punk, heavy metal, reggae, rap rock and a lot of other sources of inspiration in their music. Through the decades, the band has retained a remarkably loyal fan base, and they have consistently delivered high quality. Their tenth studio album, the 2018 release ‘Circles’, cemented their status as one of the biggest names in the nu metal genre. 
(PLEASE NOTE: P.O.D. will perform on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 and will therefore require either a 4-day ticket for the festival or a 1-day ticket for this day.)

Take a healthy serving of New York hardcore, a solid dose of Swedish punk and pour some metal on top – then you end up with RAISED FIST. This band is the essence of old school hardcore with hard beatdowns, raging riffs and catchy refrains that everyone can bellow out. They will visit COPENHELL with new songs from their newest album ‘Anthems’ under their belt, and their wild and restless energy will no doubt result in intense pits and chaotic moshing in front of the stage!

WITCHCRAFT‘s well-written combination of retro rock and doom metal evokes inch-deep nostalgia from the very first note. Hailing from Sweden, the band’s excellent songwriting and respect for the golden 70s drive all of their strong releases through the last 15 years. Their music flows effortlessly between heavy headbanger riffs and solemn anthems with Magnus Pelander’s characteristic vocals as the uniting focal point. Get ready for an intensely atmospheric experience!
The Swedish band HÄLLAS plays progressive rock with lots of friendly nods to early 70s proto metal. This is a band with both soul and lots of technical proficiency that manages to create entirely new and forward-looking music from their classic source material. Hammond organs go beautifully hand in head with sweet guitar harmonies in their extremely musical sonic universe.
The musicians in the new American metal band GATECREEPER perform with a strength and ferocity, as if they had been playing together for several decades. The band’s sludgy, aggressive death metal bears Bolt Thrower and Crowbar vibes, and their 2016 debut ‘Sonoran Depravation’ was a true demonstration of force, which proved that classic death metal is indeed very ‘alive’ and well today!
BLOOD INCANTATION is one of the most convincing American death metal bands today. Their sound is absolutely pulverizing and filled with a constant ominous sense of doom and existential angst. There is a primal satisfaction about the band’s brutal sonic universe, which mostly feels like stepping through a dark portal into a terrifying nightmare world.
The Finnish hard rock band SANTA CRUZ was originally scheduled to perform on COPENHELL 2018, but they unfortunately had to cancel their show shortly before the festival. Now they get a new chance to bring their flamboyant Guns N’ Roses-inspired glam rock to the festival. The audience can look forward to meeting a group of bona fide rock stars who are more than ready to give everything they’ve got to entertain!

DEADLY APPLES from Canada have toured with several huge rock and metal acts throughout recent years, and their presence on the great tours is definitely not a coincidence. This very promising band is famous for their hyper-energetic live performances and electrifying rock – and not least singer Alex Martel’s impressive audience appeal.

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