Khalid, HAIM, The Rapture and YUNGBLUD join the Mad Cool 2020 line up

KHALID, HAIM, THE RAPTURE, YUNGBLUD and LONDON GRAMMAR join the Mad Cool Festival Line Up, a poster that continues to add a new band every day to meet our appointment with you in July 2020.

These names join those of Marika Hackman, Sports Team, Natos and Waor and Tom Grennan that were announced during the course of last week and those of Cage the Elephant, Tones and I, Refused, SFDK, Paul Weller and Blood Red Shoes that they joined the previous week. Fifteen names for a new wave of confirmations with which we hope to surprise and satisfy you.

Singer and composer KHALID is a world superstar. He has sold thousands of albums and has been named one of the most influential people of 2019 by Time magazine. His second album “Free Spirit” debuted at number # 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and catapulted him to world success before he even finished high school. Hailed by the press as the new “pop prodigy,” his reflections on modern youth culture and the limitations of love are as perfect as touching.

Since they released their debut “Days Are Gone” in 2013, HAIM has perfectly embodied what it means to get carried away by music. On a basis of sophistication and kaleidoscopic sensitivity, these three sisters raised in Southern California have integrated elements of all kinds of music into their songs: from folk to hip-hop through power-pop. According to what he heard, his next work promises to be giving even more boldness, with some of his most revealing and adventurous songs to date. A feeling of effervescent freedom that reveals your intention to instill joy in every aspect of the creative process.

THE RAPTURE are back! After disappearing for almost a decade, they have reappeared as if by magic, without losing their rhythm and in their best form. Sounding as if they had been rehearsing secretly during their seven-year absence, the band will arrive at Mad Cool Festival ready to review its seminal catalog that includes songs like “House of Jealous Lovers”, “How Deep is Your Love”, “Echoes” and “Pieces of the People We Love to.” A show full of energy from one of the bands that led to the revival of rock in New York (along with The Strokes and Vampire Weekend) and took punk to the dance floor.

From the north of England, YUNGBLUD is an explosion of raw energy and letters that invite reflection. He has created his own alternative rock formula: poetry, guitar riffs and sharp rhythms with a fierce determination to make a dent in pop culture. Dangerously sexy, surprisingly bold, but emotionally brutal, YUNGBLUD will drop, above all, the audience of Mad Cool Festival 2020 a grenade that will be forever imprinted in their minds.

LONDON GRAMMAR broke into the UK music scene in 2013, selling more than two million copies of his debut album, “If You Wait.” Hannah Reid (voice), Dan Rothman (guitar) and Dot Major (drums, electronics) were still three students from Nottingham University when they discovered they had an alchemical gift for melodic and sound gold. An intoxicating mix of electronic soul, techno-folk, Reid’s touching voice – fascinating on the disco and amazing on stage – often with one foot on the dance floor. His second album, “The Truth Is A Beautiful Thing” (2017) went straight to the UK charts at number # 1.

Originals from Nashville, United States, CAGE THE ELEPHANT is a rock band formed by Matt Shultz (singer), Brad Shultz (guitar), Jared Champion (drums), Daniel Tichenor (bass), Nick Bockrath (guitar) and Matthan Minster ( keyboards). Deeply inspired by punk music, they started playing while they were still in high school. Shortly after, they moved to London to start their career. Since then they have released four studio albums, including “Tell Me I Pretty Pretty,” Grammy winner. His most recent release was the live album “Unpeeled”.

PAUL WELLER is an icon of British music with four decades behind him. From the rise of The Jam in the late 70s to the touching experimentation of The Style Council in the 80s and, of course, its prolific solo years. His influence was fundamental in the britpop generation and in the revival of the mod culture (not in vain the press re-baptized him as “Modfather”) and his qualities as a composer and performer are still in full shape. He has just published “Other Aspects Live At The Royal Festival Hall” that collects live a collection of 25 songs that summarize his eclectic and impressive career.

Artist born in the Mornington Peninsula (Australia), TONES AND I is living a spectacular year. His first single “Johnny Run Away” was followed by the great worldwide hit “Dance Monkey,” which has reached # 1 on the official singles charts in eleven countries. A huge achievement for someone who only lived six months ago in a van.

Formed in Umeå, Sweden, in 1991, hardcore-punk legends, REFUSED are one of the most influential rock bands of the early 2000s. Their album “The Shape Of Punk To Come” has become a cornerstone for the entire post-hardcore generation. A seminal work in which they dared with styles such as electronics or jazz with politically radical lyrics. After a pause of 14 years, the band met in 2012 and in 2015 they released their fourth LP “Freedom”.

Zatu Rey and Acción Sánchez are SFDK (acronym for “Siempre Fuertes De Konciencia”), one of the oldest and most respected groups in Spanish rap. They were founded in the early 90’s in Seville and premiered in 1997 with the single “Call it what you want”. Since then they have sold thousands of records and have made extensive tours throughout the peninsula, Mexico, Chile and the US. Last year they returned with “Redemption” (BOA, 2018), a handful of good songs that remind us of their best times. Because there is always time to redeem yourself.

NATOS AND WAOR are a Madrid rap duo characterised by raw, cheeky and hairless lyrics on the tongue. They have managed to travel the road from the underground to the mainstream, with their own rules, maintaining the attitude that has always characterised them, and that has had so much hook among their fans. They have three models and four albums (all edited and distributed without the help of any record label) of which thousands of copies have been sold, while their video clips already exceed one hundred million views on YouTube.

With a voice halfway between Paolo Nutini and Finley Quaye and the arrogance of Liam Gallagher, TOM GRENNAN is a budding star. His troubadour’s grave voice is his hallmark. His debut album, “Lighting Matches” has the street roll of Jamie T, the grace of Amy Winehouse and the film pomp of the first Florence. An artist who does not lose her eye.

BLOOD RED SHOES is an alternative rock duo in Brighton, England, composed of Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. This brilliant and yet still underestimated band has refined his style during his decade and a half career. Your formula? Mortality, psychosis, neurosis, sex, dreams, the future, alienation, failure, escape, mass celebration, hope, regret … and Fleetwood Mac. Following the success of their fifth studio album, “Get Tragic” released early in 2019, they will arrive in a state of grace at Mad Cool 2020.

MARIKA HACKMAN is a rock provocateur. Her music is as introspective as blunt and his lyrics, always explicit, speak honestly about their sexual and loving relationships. Hackman is a PJ Harvey for inclusive generation. Without limits between musical genres, their songs are full of unexpected twists. An icon for the LGTBIQ + collective and an alternative artist from head to toe.

The stratospheric rise of SPORTS TEAM began only eighteen months ago thanks to word of mouth. The sextet (composed by singer Alex Rice, guitarists Rob Knaggs and Henry Young, bassist Oli Dewdney, drummer Al Greenwood and enigmatic multi instrumentalist Ben Mack) released his first EP in January 2018, getting the attention of the press musical. One of the great hopes of the music of brtánica guitars and one of the most exciting bands of London.

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