Judas Priest, Jinjer, Northlane & more re-confirm for Copenhell 2021

COPENHELL is reborn like a flaming phoenix bird from the smoking ashes of this difficult year, and we can already now bring the great news that one of the festival’s 2020 headliners and five other bands are back on next year’s festival poster!

COPENHELL veterans will no doubt remember JUDAS PRIEST’s formidable 2011 concert – and the kings of ‘heavy fucking metal’ will visit COPENHELL again in 2021. The brave Brits have toured together for half a lifetime, and they are nowhere near done touring the world yet. The band themselves have asked to play at COPENHELL again – and we were only happy to accept. You can look forward to a great experience with immortal classics from one of the greatest of metal giants – You’ve got another thing comin’!

The Ukrainian group JINJER is currently climbing towards the metal heavyweight class, not least because of their charismatic and formidably skilled singer Tatiana Shmailyuk. Their Opeth-inspired, hyper-technical groove metal creates the perfect foundation for her absolutely exceptional vocals, which change almost surrealistically between demonic growls, wild screams and beautiful clean singing. This is a very special live experience, and it is a great please for us to reconfirm this band for next year.

We also welcome crossover veterans AGNOSTIC FRONT. The pace is insanely high, and the sheer amount of profanity per minute is in the red during their concerts. Ever since the early eighties, this band has been screaming for a better world, and they still do today with undiminished strength. ‘The godfathers of hardcore’ have always been in a league of their own, and we look forward to experiencing these New York legends at COPENHELL!

The Australian band NORTHLANE plays experimental progressive metalcore combined with djent elements and electronic instruments, and that is one dirty musical cocktail! Expect wild, twisting madness from the first to the last song in a concert with a band that is not afraid to renew themselves and their music again and again.

The musicians in the new American metal band GATECREEPER perform with a strength and ferocity, as if they had been playing together for several decades. The band’s sludgy, aggressive death metal bears Bolt Thrower and Crowbar vibes, and their 2016 debut ‘Sonoran Depravation’ was a true demonstration of force, which proved that classic death metal is indeed very ‘alive’ and well today!

CRYPT SERMON entered the doom scene with their excellent debut “Out of the Garden” in 2015, and they are not afraid to experiment with genre boundaries. Here we get heavy, epic and melodic medieval atmosphere vibrating in the field between classic and progressive metal.