Imagine Dragons confirmed for Smukfest 2023 in Denmark

It’s quite an achievement to be one of the most streamed bands in the world and to have sold over 75 million albums at the same time. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what IMAGE DRAGONS have done, and it’s not entirely undeserved.

Since their breakthrough with the album Night Visions in 2012, the band has released five more studio albums. The latest is Mercury Act 2, which was released earlier this year. The album maintains the same high quality of IMAGE DRAGONS with tracks like Bones and Sharks that are absolutely excellent when played live.

So does most of the music IMAGE DRAGONS has created. With super hits like Believer, Thunder, Natural and many many more, it promises to be a good night, and if you’re among the lucky ones who have heard the super popular Las Vegas band live, you know they create the wildest party.