Guns N’ Roses, The Strokes and The Chemical Brothers head the 2020 Estéreo Picnic Festival

Heads of the ordinary world, this is a call for freedom. Believers and fans of the Festival have believed for more than 10 years. Today is the revelation for everyone. GUNS N ‘ROSES, THE STROKES and THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will be the headliners on April 3, 4 and 5, 2020 at the Briceño 18 Golf Course in Sopó for the best three days of the year.

Welcome to the Jungle! Where the grass will be green, the pretty girls and the FEP take us home with Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. The very core of the band, the historical alignment of GUNS N ‘ROSES in #FEP2020. From New York will come THE STROKES and their delicious dance rock classics and punk downloads: “Last Nite”, “12:51”, “You Only Live Once”, “Someday” and more. On the other hand, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will offer a show that will live forever in the memory of the Festival and the sound soul of the country. Hey! This call will be for boys, girls and everyone else. Welcome to A Different World.

Together with these legends, a poster with the hottest of global music: ARMIN VAN BUUREN, PAULO LONDRA, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, NILE RODGERS & CHIC, CAGE THE ELEPHANT, FOUR TET, HOT CHIP, JAMES BLAKE, CHARLI XCX, PROPHETIC CULTURE, BLACK MIDI, KACEY MUSGRAVES, LP, MADEON, RITA ORA, JAVIERA MENA, IDLES, KING PRINCESS, PABLLO VITTAR, RED AXES, THE GOLDEN BINOMIAL OF AMERICA, ELSA AND ELMAR, REX ORANGE COUNTY, BASIC NANPA, TOMASA DEL REAL and more. Electronic party and trap; visceral, modern, dirty and immortal rock; the entire scale of the pop universe; myths that create hits and messages of vindication and rebellion; extrasensory sound landscapes and the most important vallenata school; This and much more will be part of the celebration of #FEP2020.

Estereo Picnic Festival 2020 poster Columbia

The largest gathering of artists and bands that have seen this part of the continent will take place in this parallel world that we have created in central Colombia. The exclusive shows for #FEP2020 in South America led by NILE RODGERS & CHIC, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, FOUR TET and HOT CHIP will make us shine. GUNS N ‘ROSES on their return to Bogotá and the return to the Festival to mark what will be an edition full of history. Londra, Musgraves, Vittar, Blake, Koenig and other last names will mark the eleventh version of the Picnic Stereo Festival as this zenith celebration of freedom, life, music and love. In the words of Charli XCX: “modern love is fucking beautiful.” Let’s celebrate it in a Different World.