Greenfield Festival announces their 3rd headliner and more bands for 2020

The Canadian punk sensation BILLY TALENT comes to Interlaken as headliners to rock the Jungfrau Stage with their # 1 album “Afraid of Heights”! In addition, INCUBUS storm the Main Stage with their funky, unmistakable sound. Bock on a mix between rock, funk, grunge and pop? INCUBUS brings everything and much more – party is guaranteed! Likewise, the high priests of the Powermetal will bring the wild hunt to Interlaken. POWERWOLF blast ballads and hard riffs off the stage like no other band!

BILLY TALENT’s journey from hungry, crazy, community hall punks to international festival headliners lasted only a decade. In 2003, BILLY TALENT launched their self-titled debut album with a wave of fast-paced, punk rock songs. Their second album brought them to the Greenfield Festival in 2006 for the first time and the stormy rain was the perfect setting for a first date with Destiny. With their current album “Afraid Of Heights”, the Canadian rock band reached number 1 in the Swiss album charts and underscores with a stunning collection of songs the unique sound of BILLY TALENT which is best enjoyed live and loud!

Since 1991, INCUBUS are known for their virtuoso, funky, alternative sound that balances between rock, funk, grunge and pop and thus always sounds just like Incubus itself. With their album “Light Grenades” Incubus 2007 were last at the Greenfield Festival; Now, INCUBUS are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their international breakthrough album “Make Yourself”, which laid the foundation for the worldwide success of the California rock band that has sold more than 13 million albums in their careers. INCUBUS released the single “Into The Summer” two years after their current album “8” in the summer, a song that captures the perfect festival mood and now already makes for the next summer.

After selling out show after show and thrilling ever-larger horde fans, the band has recorded their most daring and adventurous album yet, which has earned them pole position in the German album charts! “The Sacrament Of Sin” pays homage to the band’s signature sound, which excites with both sophisticated songwriting and pure aggression – and once again proves why POWERWOLF are the only true high priests of Heavy Metal!

The legendary punk rock band BAD RELIGION from Los Angeles celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and brings along its new album, “Age of Unreason”. Since the founding years of the band, they have been consistently committed to humanism, reason and individualism – values that are more important today than ever before. The political landscape, especially the US, still gives enough cause for serious rage and as long as there are issues denouncing Bad Religion will raise its voice. “Age of Unreason” is the 17th studio album by BAD RELIGION and it is a contemporary work of immense power and one of its best.

Greenfield Festival 2020 latest poster

From the darkest depths of the Caribbean (more precisely, the east of Scotland) emerge ALESTORM; a drunken pirate band striving for beer, rum and the title of the biggest damned band ever to travel the seven seas! ALESTORM has established itself as an international party machine that wants to conquer the world with its contagious “pirate metal” and fabulous looks. They’ve managed to convince hundreds of thousands of fans from New Zealand to Argentina, to Lithuania, and everywhere in between, that it’s cool to wear a pirate’s hat and sing simple songs about getting drunk and stealing ships. Well done, Captain!

SKILLET write the soundtrack of the triumph on their new, tenth studio album “Victorious”. The two-time Grammy Award-nominated Wisconsin Quartet delivers trembling, stadium-style hymns underscored by chants of sing-along potential, thundering rhythms, symphonic electronics, and musical complexity. Every song, every riff and every beat motivates, while SKILLET continue to sharpen their unmistakable style with precision, passion and power. In many ways, the title brings together a common mindset of musicians who are far from having come to the end of their journey.

The Grammy-nominated, experimental rock band BARONESS returns with their most ambitious work to date, the fifth album “Gold & Gray”. The new record looks triumphantly across genre boundaries, its anthemic alt metal hooks float between the many twists of prog and jazz, the vortex of space rock and noise rock and the hypnotic impulses of trip-hop and minimalism of the 20th century , For the past fifteen years, BARONESS has been traveling on an adventurous path from Sludge Metal to Progressive Metal and beyond. On a journey full of traumas and changes, Baronesses truly seem to have found their place in the musical universe.

With atmospheric concerts and six studio albums full of honest lyrics, they have turned from a hard-working local band to a worldwide known group. MAYDAY PARADE‘S new album, “Sunnyland,” has its title from an abandoned hospital into which band members sneaked as a teenager. The result is a rousing alternative rock album with pop punk and emo influences based on passionate vocals, sing-along choruses and moving lyrics.

Mighty Warriors of the Galaxy! GLORYHAMMER have returned from a glorious adventure and bring their new album “Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terror Vortex”. In this thrilling third chapter of the GLORYHAMMER saga, we follow the legendary prince Angus McFife to another dimension, where he will fight even more terrifying enemies and experience even more epic adventures than ever before. Join his quest for the salvation of the Kingdom of Fife, powered by heroic High Speed Power Metal you’ve never heard of in your life. For the eternal glory of Dundee!

For more than 30 years, HELMET has exerted great influence on the alternative rock and metal scene. HELMET‘s raw mix of noise rock, post-metal and post-hardcore was groundbreaking for the origins of bands like Deftones, Mastodon, Korn or Godsmack. The band from New York around Page Hamilton celebrated the commercial breakthrough with their 1992 album Meantime, which has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.

MASS HYSTERIA are known to have taken a new path over the years and albums, but the destructive band name still reveals what Mass Hysteria is all about. The French heavy metal band has already recorded huge international festival stages and released nine studio albums in the last 25 years.

CREEPERS were launched in 2014 in Southampton and have been a wild ride ever since. Their songs oscillate somewhere between breathtakingly beautiful horror punk songs and emo anthems à la Alkaline Trio, AFI or My Chemical Romance. Their new song “Born Cold” gives us a taste of what’s next.

SELBSTBEDIENUNG were punk rock. And they stayed that way. After twelve years of band history, three released albums, various festival appearances and tours, the colorful hair and the torn pants have given way to a more neutral image. Their new, fourth album “At Home” carries the punk rock in the heart – simply profound, critical and melodious – listen in!