Gojira, Papa Roach, Meshuggah & more for Full Force Festival 2023

On FULL FORCE Island the axes are swung and the next line-up announcement breaks over us. With GOJIRA, PAPA ROACH and MESHUGGAH, the organisers have cut three more thick chunks for 2023, who are already killing it – And that’s not all! In addition to the French-Swedish cockroach trio, there are of course more band updates today, which resound with FULL FORCE from the forest!First an innocent, delicate bud, then a tender little plant and now a massive tree whose mighty crown reaches to the sky: With acts like BLOODBATH, H2O, NOVA TWINS, THE HALO EFFECT, TOUCHÉ AMORÉ or VENDED there are some new line-up blossoms that carry a lot of FULL FORCE nectar in them!

So now all headline and co-headliner positions and many more acts for FULL FORCE 2023 are fixed!

Full Force Festival 2023 headliner complete poster

As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” -this is also the case with US nu-metal band VENDED. Frontman Griffin Taylor and drummer Simon Crahan are sons of Slipknot band members Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan. And you can also hear that in the sound of the band. It doesn’t seem like an imitation at all, but comes along proud and self-confident and is therefore another must-see at FULL FORCE 2023. Amy Love and Georgia South from the UK combine several genres and form, for example, from grime, punk and hip-hop the unmistakable sound of NOVA TWINS. With hard bass runs, rough guitar riffs and synth elements they already conquered the English underground scene like a tornado and swept away everything that wasn’t nailed down – it’s quite clear that the FULL FORCE has to be another flag in the wind and brings the duo to the festival in 2023!

It is rumoured that this is the most Swedish FULL FORCE line-up announcement ever: Besides MESHUGGAH, AVATAR, BLOODBATH and THE HALO EFFECT will also pay us a visit. The line-up reads like every melodic death metal fan’s dream: influences of In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Engel, Cyhra and some more are unmistakable and certainly not overheard.

Recently on tour as support for Amon Amarth and Machine Head, THE HALO EFFECT have long since proven that they are not a copy, but create their own songs with the heaviest character of catchy tunes! A zombie apocalypse of the particularly bloody kind is available with BLOODBATH. Their hateful growls, catchy riffs and massive horror hooks will turn the FULL FORCE into a manic musical massacre! But that is far from the end of the current announcement. A bunch of smashers were promised and at the FULL FORCE Holidays 2023 there will be a whole truckload of them. Also appearing: AUTHOR & PUNISHER, BORN OF OSIRIS, GUILT TRIP, H2O, PALEDUSK, SLEEP TOKEN, SOUL GLO, SPIRITBOX, SPIRITWORLD, SVALBARD, TOUCHÉ AMORÉ, UNITY TX and WAYS AWAY!