German Festival Full Force adds more bands to their 2020 line up

It has been a month since organisers announced the only show for THE GHOST INSIDE in 2020 on mainland Europe. So now is the time to move on and announce the next bands.

With a metallic potpourri of 20 bands, we now go into the second round and give you a mix of the hardest and shrillest tones from 1349 to KNOCKED LOOSE, over to the popping riffs and beats by RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR or SWISS & THE OTHERS, to name just a few of the new additions. Also this year, we are again acquiring bands that have not been seen on Full Force in the past. These include, for example, the metal cover gods of FROG LEAP, who will present many well-known songs in a new guise. But also scene greats, like GET THE SHOT, POLAR and SILVERSTEIN will celebrate their debut at the 27th edition of the Full Force Festival and set the masses on the stage in motion.

Also at the next issue of Full Force the programme will varied and traditionally hard again. But it does not stop there, because in the next few months there will be more announcements and surprises in the planning.

Here are all confirmed acts of FULL FORCE 2020:

Full Force Festival 2020 first-announce poster Germany