Full Force Festival Germany adds more bands!

Joining the line-up are well-known acts like our friends from ANTI-FLAG and SUICIDE SILENCE, but also a whole raft of bands that will be coming to celebrate their Ferropolis and Full Force debuts in 2020. One of them is DEAFHEAVEN from San Francisco, who will be playing their only German festival show with us. We’re also excited to welcome THE RUMJACKS of Sydney, a group whose Irish-inspired punk-rock never fails to thrill. We’ve also got loads of newcomers, including the German-Austrian quartet OCEANS and the atmospheric black metalheads from DAWN RAY’D!

Check out the 2020 teaser video:

Suffice to say it isn’t just Full Force 2020 that’s growing; the variety and mix of bands hitting the stage is ballooning as well.

Full Force Germany 2020 latest poster