First Aid Kit, Daniel Romano and Zephaniah OHora added to Bergenfest line up

Two Swedish sisters who have jailed listeners from all over the world are finally back on stage in Bergen. In addition to double americana magic – all on the same day. FIRST AID KIT, DANIEL ROMANO and ZEPHANIAH OHORA are ready for Bergenfest, Thursday, June 13th!

FIRST AID KIT: Much has happened to the sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg since their cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” went viral on YouTube in 2008 and kicked off their career as one of the Nordic’s strongest and finest bands. When they were only 14 and 16, the sisters began writing their first songs together. Their breakthrough album “The Lion’s Roar” impressed critics and imprisoned listeners from around the world. Now they are having a new album called “Ruins”, where they want to get closer to the listener by finding back the nerve that exists when the music is performed live.

DANIEL ROMANO: On the radar of anyone interested in “the real deal (country) music”, or “mosey” as he mentions his music as, is Daniel Romano. The sound of a modern vintage honkton masterpiece filled to the brim by classic country events, caressing pedal steel, twang guitar and heart-engaging vocals and everything else the subject belongs to. Now he is out with his seventh album, Finally Free, where he builds on the qualities that have ensured him enthusiastic followers worldwide.

ZEPHANIAH OHORA: Living in Brooklyn, but everything he does oozes California – and especially Bakersfield in the 60’s; the scene that took the country back to the field in response to the overproduced and honed. This is real country music without a spot, there is soil on the boots and sweat on the shirt collar. Check out the debut album “This Highway” and feel it move in the leather boot, you too!

On Thursday 13th June you can see these artists at Bergenfest:


… And more artists are announced soon!

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