Dark Tranquility and Thundermother join the Summer Breeze 2020 line up

A good time – in front of and behind the scenes – is predestined with the following confirmation. Ladies and gentlemen, DARK TRANQUILLITY are giving us the honors!

And as the passionate fan knows from past performances, the Swedes will give a burning live performance at the SUMMER BREEZE – on stage, as well as backstage. Stanne and Co. simply ensure a good time. Be it with their awesome performances or with their partying escapades during / before / after the autograph sessions: You can rely on the Swedes. Always and everywhere. So, look forward to another chapter of DARK TRANQUILLITY destroying Dinkelsbühl!

They describe their own music as “High Voltage Rock ‘n’ Roll” and with that hit the nail on the head. We are talking about our next confirmation – THUNDERMOTHER from Sweden.

For years, the troop from Stockholm have worked their asses off, playing wherever they could find a power socket. But this fostered the enormous growth of the group, as a unit but also as a live-band, since you cannot disregard the experience collected during the work-laden years. That’s why today, THUNDERMOTHER are a top-notch live-band and the Swedes will be happy to prove themselves in Dinkelsbühl!