Catfish and The Bottlemen & Pup confirmed for Rock The People Festival

“And I’d love you, but I need another year alone.” The lyrics of 7 – the opener on their golden-certified album The Ride – says a lot about how capable Van McCann, singer and songwriter of UK’s indie rockers CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN, is when it comes to lyrical hooks that will capture you and won’t let go.

And the same can be said about the band’s addictive melodies. With three albums (and over a million of them sold), a Brit Award, a support slot for The 1975 and most importantly sold out headline shows all over the globe (from Wembley across Australia to Japan), and THE BOTTLEMEN are a force on the rise, a constantly evolving band which never seizes to catch the listeners by the heart.

The Canadian act PUP finds humour in the darkest alleys of our minds. Their songs may be about suicidal thoughts, however Pup know how to transform them to a point when we can’t help it and laugh. And their current album Morbid Stuff is their strongest yet.

The 2013 debut and the album The Dream Is Over, which followed three years later, established PUP as a band equally energetic and entertaining – and their third album only affirms this status. PUP often laugh at depressions, not to be mistaken with laughing at people who experience them. And moreover they found a way how to fight the darkest aspects of our lives. A way full of catchy indie rock songs and naturally humour.