Carnaval de Bahidorá Announces their 8th Annual Festival

Deep in the nature preserve of Las Estacas located in the heart of Morales, Mexico a unity of creativity, sustainability, expression and civic responsibility takes place at Carnaval de Bahidorá.  More than a music festival, Carnaval de Bahidorá (a.k.a Bahidorá) is an internal state of lucidity and consciousness. It is a place where festival goers connect with themselves, each other and the surroundings. It is the place from which creativity burgeon.
While every year Bahidorá presents an eclectic array of gifted independent musicians who will, one day, become imposing headliners. They also curate a range of experiences including art – from visual artist at CIRCUITO DE ARTE, to Multiple-discipline creators who share their knowledge and spread community consciousness, through cinema, projections, panels, music and debates, all relating to the environment, social entrepreneurship, human consciousness and the creative scene at ISLA B. Additionally the festival hosts educational events at NOOSFERA, where participants are encouraged to donate their time and knowledge, through a volunteer program that benefits the communities needing support and catering to local needs through creative means. And SPAHIDORÁ, Bahidorá’s own healing experience aimed at keeping you in a zen state and making your Carnival experience more pleasant and healing, including relaxing massages, available all day long, and exclusive Temazcal (pre-hispanic sweat lodge) sessions.

The festival location is one of the most extraordinary places in Morelos, Mexico. Las Estacas is a natural water park belonging to the state’s ecological reserve Sierra de Montenegro. It is a sublime place in which the Yautepec river is born as a natural spring with mineral-rich crystalline water that nurtures the lush local flora and fauna.

Iñigo Villamil – festival general director

Creating a space that was unique and celebrates Mexico’s cultural relevancy and international experiences were the primary driving factors when Bahidorá was launched 8 years ago.  Iñigo Villamil reflects, “Some of the founders were lucky enough to visit some wild, fantastic festivals and collective experiences elsewhere around that time, and really saw the need and opportunity for our community to create an original event that felt genuinely ours… Mexican and yet internationally colorful. We knew there was an audience for this, because we ourselves were passionate about music and experiences that weren’t being offered.

Check out the 2020 teaser video:

Additionally, the festival is curated with the forefront of the musical space and creativity in mind. Iñigo Villamil comments, “Bahidorá’s tradition and compromise to its musical lineup are based on thorough research on the most relevant aspects displayed at different scenes worldwide. With this in mind, our curation process is built for future musical promises to be discovered and for future legends to be acclaimed.

Intentionally the line ups are curated to create a culture of musical exploration and curiosity among our community. Our lineup is composed of an intentionally diverse, and very international group of top quality artists: live acts, bands and DJ’s alike. It’s not necessarily music that is ubiquitously popular, but certainly top quality. Most of the time, every artist is extremely relevant in some niche or scene, but captures the attention of anyone walking by.

Iñigo Villamil – festival general director 

Today, #EnBahidorá has become a platform for constant independent music discovery. Past line-ups have included, Coco Rosie (2013), Bob Moses (2013), De La Soul (2015), BADBADNOTGOOD (2016), Mac Miller (2017), Kamasi Washington (2018) and Honey Dijon (2019).
And stay tuned as we gear up to announce the musical line-up by early December 2019!

Now in their 8th year, Bahidorá is poised to be the must see, must do event of 2020. Bahidorá has announced early bird ticket sales and lodging packages. The festival located a mere 90 minutes from Mexico City, and offers robust travel packages with round trip bus service to and from Mexico City, on-site camping, glamping, and even near by hotels.

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Carnaval de Bahidorá takes place on the 14th – 16th February 2020, at Las Estacas, Morales, Mexico