Biohazard first band announced for Pol’and’Rock 2023

The first band to perform on the Main Stage of the 29th edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival! Get ready for meeting the true legend of the American hardcore – BIOHAZARD!

The representative of the cult Brooklyn hardcore – punk school – BIOHAZARD smoothly blends into the vibe of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Mixing genres with provoking, revolutionary lyrics and heavy instrumentals – the Main Stage will be on fire again! It will not be their first time gigging in Poland – the New Yorkers visited Poland in 2013 during their Vengeance is Ours tour.

BIOHAZARD will play on the Main Stage of the 29th Pol’and’Rock Festival, which will be held between 3rd – 5th August 2023 at the former Czaplinek-Broczyno Airport.

The true legend of the hardcore music scene and one of the most influential bands in the 90s. The project, established in New York in 1987, consisted in blurring the lines of different music genres and styles, reaching for some inspiration from metal, punk, and hip-hop. The band is considered one of the precursors of metalcore music, which bloomed in the early 00s.

Prepare to warmly welcome the band to their first Pol’and’Rock performance and meet the members:

Billy Graziadei – vocalist, rhythm guitar
Evan Seinfeld – vocalist, bass guitar
Bobby Hambel – lead guitar
Danny Schuler – percussion