Bilbao BBK Live announces more than 50 new names!

The programme for the Basoa and Lasai spaces, together with the confirmation of FONTAINES D.C., BICEP, BLOOD ORANGE, MEUTE, MOSES SUMNEY, ORVILLE PECK and LA CASA AZUL, among others, adds to the already announced KENDRICK LAMAR, THE KILLERS, PLACEBO, PET SHOP BOYS, FKA TWIGS and BAD BUNNY.

Bilbao BBK Live announces today the lineup of its 2020 edition, adding 54 new namesto its programme, that includes a total of 93 artists and bands that will be performing on July 9th, 10th and 11th in Bilbao. Diversity and quality are the key components of the festival’s programme, which believes in the variety of genres and styles and, together with a range of renowned artists, also proposes a careful selection of talent to be discovered.

This new announcement incorporates FOUNTAINS D.C., whose first album proves that those who thought there was no substitute for guitar music were wrong. Their post-punk sound, influenced by bands like The Clash or The Pogues, has appealed both to the youngest audiences and to the generation that lived the eighties passionately. Also from Ireland, although based in London, comes BICEP, with an open and no-holds-barred approach to the creation of their music that has allowed them to firmly position themselves in the dance industry.

As BLOOD ORANGE, Polymath Devonté, producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, director, vocalist and one of the most influential voices in music today, has been compared to Kendrick Lamar or D’Angelo for his reflection on the identity of the black people. Also, MEUTE, a German Techno Marching Band, that has managed to revolutionise the concept of electronic music, disassociating it from the DJ’s decks with their legendary live show whose tickets are already sold out for their tour starting next week.

The unclassifiable music of MOSES SUMNEY with his unique and distinctive falsetto, that he uses as one more singular instrument to explore his orchestral and deeply experimental indie rock. The mysterious masked cowboy ORVILLE PECK is a phenomenon in full bloom and is seducing music critics and fashionistas alike. With vocal prowess reminiscent of the great names of American classical country music, the outlawed cowboy ORVILLE PECK talks about love and the loss of the North American wastelands. LA CASA AZUL, always transgressive, blurring the boundaries between styles and capable of mixing the disco music of the seventies with the europop of the nineties, will once again invite us to dance like there’s no tomorrow in Kobetamendi.

Check out the new 2020 poster:

Bilbao BBK Live 2020 50 new names poster

As important as its musical proposal, Bilbao BBK Live maintains in this edition its effort to offer a very careful design of spaces.

Basoa is committed to enjoying electronic music to the fullest. A space that celebrates its fifth anniversary and is located in a natural environment that invites to escape and to fully enjoy the sound perception. This is how we conceive electronic music and this is how we want to represent it, as an invitation to join the collective celebration, both for those who come to Kobetamendi in search of these sounds and for those who want to experience it for the first time, in a diverse, inclusive and respectful environment.

Like last year, Thursday is once again a big day for for the LGBTQ community with THE BLACK MADONNA as a highlight, presenting its extraordinary musical quality, both in selection and technique, switching from disco to punchy techno, from pure house to hip-hop or the clattering jungle. Also on Thursday, we will host the infectious groove disco distilled by Severino and Jim Stanton in their productions, mixes and sessions as Horse Meat Disco and the explosive mix of breakbeats, hip-hop riffs and scratches, rumbling bass and disco atmosphere from ERIS DREW. JOSEY REBELLE’S melting pot of influences, ranging from early house and techno to jungle, rare grooves, and garage. JULIAN FALK, the greatest surprise last year, will be opening the Basoa space this year.

On Friday, there will be electronic music icon CARL CRAIG, a creative visionary who has inspired many artists in the underground scene. His projects emanate creativity resulting from his fascination for futurism. In addition, we will have the brilliant talent of PALMS TRAX. CALL SUPER with its fascinatingly layered music of intricate texture, crafted with meticulousness and care. IDENTIFIED PATIENT is one of the most refreshing and attractive surprises to emerge from the ever vibrant and prolific Dutch scene. The Iranian MOZHGAN completes the day’s lineup with seemingly contradictory and scattered sound concepts from which she obtains a coherent and subjugating mix.

After two consecutive years, the Barcelona DJ and producer JOHN TALABOT, is once again the protagonist of one of the most special moments of the festival, the closing of Basoa. It will be a great pleasure to have him back and enjoy his peculiar ability to combine the energy of disco, the sensuality of house music and the melodic touch of indie-pop. REDRAGO is the joint electronic project of RED AXES with the founder of the label Life and Death, DJ TENNIS, offering in their DJ sets a psychedelic disco proposal of Italian music and Israeli trance rock, with many elements belonging to the craziest raves. Silvia Jiménez, aka JASSS has already left us speechless several times with her sessions. JASSS has her own voice, born from an EBM essence, industrial and rough, which has evolved into a music of great dimensions, unique and untransferable. LENA WILLIKENS is driven by her emotions and by a much broader spectrum of interests ranging from contemporary art to film and literature that somehow intermingle in her fascinating sets and audiovisual installations. After two years performing at Hirian festival and closing the lineup of Basoa on Saturday, comes the illustrious, peculiar and inimitable DJ, DAVE P, who describes himself as a pioneer of the Futuristic Sound.

With the premise of not exceeding 100 bpm, the rhythm at which the heart beats, Lasai is the place to slow down in a privileged location, surrounded by cypress trees, away from the hustle and bustle of the festival and with impressive views overlooking the city of Bilbao. The Lasai programme has two guest curators in this edition. Saturday’s lineup has been curated by LENA WILLIKENS, while Thursday and Friday will be hosted by the online station RED LIGHT RADIO, based in Amsterdam’s Red Light District and today one of the most influential electronic music media internationally. In addition, every day they will be streaming and recording the Lasai sessions.

Lasai will make you dance at low revolutions to the intense, dark and psychedelic music of CHARLOTTE BENDINKS and explore the limits of mid-tempo dance with French DJ and producer COSMO VITELLI. Dancehall music, sound art and techno territories will be explored by LOW JACK (Philipphe Hallais), author of the acclaimed ‘Riddims du Lieu – dit’ from his own label Editions Gravats and collaborator of the experimental techno project Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement which he shares with Dominik Fernow. The most atmospheric feel will be provided by DJ, composer and producer YU SU, moving through natural textures and jazzbient sounds, and by the French MARYLOU with her oniric sounds of improvised noises and strings. The national talent will be represented by KATZA, co-founder of the Basque collective Paraleloan, which mixes postpunk, dub and industrial music, and the Barcelona duo IRO AKA, fusing downtempo, house, techno and ambient.

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