Amorphis , Sonata Arctica & Gloryhammer confirmed for Summer Breeze 2020

People, time flies! In 2020, the next band will turn 30 years old! But there are no signs of ageing to be seen or heard from far and wide: AMORPHIS will come to Dinkelsbühl!

In the beginning the band indulged in the mangy Finn Death (the older ones will remember, ahem…) before AMORPHIS became more progressive, and also more melodic. More and more (Finnish) folk melodies found their way into the music, and these are still indispensable to this day. AMORPHIS not only have managed to assert themselves – despite one or the other slump – but have also managed to develop their very own style. The combination of melody and hardness is consumed by you with pleasure, which is why AMORPHIS are looking forward to another furious appearance at the SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl. We hope you will give the birthday children a fat welcome!

They keep going and going: despite all those years, nothing ever appears to be able to stop the next confirmation which is why they will come to Dinkesbühl with a load of extra energy and a new album in their bags: SONATA ARCTICA.

The Fins can look back on over 20 years of band experience and if you keep this number in mind, it appears that their Power Metal seems to be just as popular as always. The boys appear to continue to be miles ahead with their melodic compositions – you can expect another convincing show of SONATA ARCTICA in Dinkelsbühl.

Power Metal Party-Music, that’s what the next confirmation stands for: GLORYHAMMER are going to kick your asses in Dinkelsbühl!

Of course, the band has long since left the paths of Alestorm and are now filling larger halls on their own. With their catchy Power Metal songs that immediately invite to sing along and that instantly create an overwhelming party atmosphere on stage, they are one of the hopeful up-and-coming Power Metal bands. And that’s exactly why GLORYHAMMER are always well received at the SUMMER BREEZE; so, nothing stands in the way of a proper party in summer 2020! Party on!